Haai, Inc. Live Shark Experience

Sharks have captured our imagination for thousands of years, stirring the fears and fascination of ocean goers, researchers and scientists. Their legacy has been as misunderstood as it has been ’old and bloody’. Now more than ever the importance of understanding this fascinating species is critical for its survival.

Come, learn and be entertained at the Haai Live Shark Encounter

The show begins…

The infamous "JAWS" music begins as the hydraulic door to the 5000 gallon aquarium slowly rises.

The sharks appear, swimming within the tank and the diver enters the tank…

Each show provides an opportunity for a young member of the audience to be involved with the show! Once the show concludes the audience is invited for a close up view of the sharks and to ask questions.

The Live Shark Encounter Show will run throughout the day Thursday – Sunday, a full program will be listed shortly